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OpenMath is a data storage standard for meaningful mathematics. Rather than encoding the appearance of the mathematics (like LaTeX does, for instance), it encodes the meaning of the mathematics (similar to Content MathML). You can read its latest standard here.

Version history

  • Version 2.0.0 - Feb 24, 2020 - converted to ES6 module format, and thus did not yet publish this version to npm, because that ecosystem is not yet ready for ES6 modules.
  • Up through 1.2.3, no detailed version information is available, but all versions were published to npm.

More Information

The following additional information is available in this documentation.

  • Work Done - what the code in this repository can do, and what it cannot do
  • Source Code - see the source and/or import it into your own project
  • API Reference - how to use the various functions and objects provided

More documentation may be added here in the future. For now you can view this repository github.